Charles Garrison Owner, Bad Donkey Sub Company

Rent-A-Man is the glue that holds my company and my home together. Robert's team let's me spend my time focused on my customers, friends and family. I love this community and I have a blast spending time with customers. The last thing I want to stress over is a leaking water line, a broken oven or a pool problem at my house! I call Rent-A-Man and hand Robert the problem-he takes it from there and I don't think about it again unless he tells me to. He has become more than a service company - he has become a trusted friend!

Julie & Ken B., Scottsdale AZ

Every week like clock work, Angel arrives, knows just what to do and always does a little extra.  We referred you to one of our neighbors just last week.  Thank you for the great service.

Roy W., Scottsdale

Robert, the checks in the mail and you’ve got a customer for life!  Thank you for responding to our problem so quickly when others didn’t know where to begin.

EFR, Cave Creek AZ

I have used other pool service companies in the past with disappointing results. It seems anyone with a pick up truck and a blue pole sticking out the back can call themselves experts.  I like that Rent-A-Man Pool Service is insured and go above and beyond what is normally expected. Robert is not only a man of his word, but is genuinely concerned for his customers, and responds immediately to address your concerns.

Mike T., Scottsdale AZ

Robert and Angel, thank you for doing such a great job on my pool.

Donna, Santa Fe NM / Desert Mountain, Scottsdale

We had a problem with our renters not taking care of the pool and equipment.  Since we live out of state, it was impossible for us to deal with it locally.  One of our neighbors in the same village suggested I call Robert and see if he could help.  He stopped by and discussed the problems with the tenant to find out some of the equipment wasn’t working correctly.  He repaired it, instructed them how to operate it properly and everything is perfect.  Rent-A-Man Pool Services is on our speed dial now.

Pamela and Derik, Carefree AZ

I used to take care of my own pool, but could never get it right.  Once I called Robert and let Rent-A-Man Pool Service take over, not only was my pool cleaner, but I didn’t have the frustration of brushing, testing, vacuuming, backwashing and cleaning filters every week AND going to pick up chemicals.  All and all it’s just easy and well worth the money.

Joe & Brenda, Houston TX / Scottsdale AZ

Rent-A-man Pool Service watches both our winter home and our pool while we’re back home.  We never have a problem with either since they check everything and fix it as problems arise.  It’s very comforting knowing they are taking care of things.  They are even on our alarm call list as the first number called! When are you going to open an office in Texas?

Rick and Anne B., Carefree AZ

We recommend Rent-A-Man Pool Services to all our friends and neighbors. They treat us like family and its nice knowing they have our best interest in mind.  The company is local, easy to contact, reliable, efficient and very professional.

Mary S., Scottsdale

My swimming pool motor burnt-out on a Wednesday at 4pm and I called Robert explaining we had guests arriving Friday for the weekend.  He arrived Thursday morning with a new motor and had it running by lunch, checked the chemicals and even repaired a leak that had developed since their last visit.  This is the reason we have Robert take care of our house and pool, there is no other choice.

Karen & Skip, Carefree AZ

Robert is awesome! Always a phone call away if needed. Rent-A-Man Pool Services is dependable; the workers are always reliable and courteous and the pool is kept clean. It's nice having the same consistent person coming every week.

R. Sims Scottsdale AZ.

"Scottsdale Pool Company repaired our broken pool filter which was causing our pool water to turn green. They did a great job! I highly recommend!"