About Us

Handyman services is how we started, but in 2000 we started offering property management services to maintain and care for your home and property wether you are here or away!

Robert Patton completed his Tool and Die Maker Apprenticeship in 1969. As years passed, he began to design and build automated assembly equipment, robotics, and special machinery for a variety of industries. Remodeling and repairing homes has been a lifelong passion. He moved from Ohio to Colorado to Arizona buying and remodeling homes as he went. Robert is the President of the Company and is the Qualifying Party associated with this license.

Rent-A-Man was established as a handyman service in 1998 and has been licensed as a Limited Remodeling and Repair Contractor in Arizona since 1999. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and we participate in the Recovery Fund.

Robert built Rent-a-Man Homeowner Services in 1998 after leaving the corporate world to pursue his dreams of owning a business that could really make a difference in the lives of others. He now buys and renovates homes, condos and apartments to rent or sell; he also has a strong focus on property management and the maintenance and safety of swimming pools.

Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Rent-a-Man Homeowner Services, Inc. has met all requirements set forth by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (License #ROC146529). Unlicensed contractors are not held to the same standards, and are not regulated by the state of Arizona. You have no legal recourse through the Registrar of Contractors if a job is done poorly.

Rent-A-Man Homeowner Services is fully insured and can provide proof of insurance on request. We carry both liability and workers compensation insurance. Allowing an uninsured contractor to work on your property puts you at risk for a lawsuit if they are injured on your property. Rent-A-Man Homeowner Services, Inc. is an Arizona Corporation and is an Arizona Licensed Limited Remodeling and Repair Contractor. Our Arizona Registrar of Contractors License Number is ROC146529.

Avoid unnecessary risks – hire us!

LICENSED CONTRACTORS have met the experience and other requirements set forth by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. If you hire a non-licensed contractor and he does not perform properly, you have no recourse thru the Registrar of Contractors. INSURED CONTRACTORS can and will supply proof of insurance as required. We carry liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. If a non-insured contractor’s employee is injured on your job, YOU can be sued and held liable for the employee’s injury.

Our service area includes: North Phoenix, North Scottsdale, Cave Creek, and Carefree